Fleet Management, Vehicle Tracking

What is ATC?

Vehicle Tracking saves time. It prevents non-business travel by continuously monitoring your vehicles 24/7. It reports onboarding and finishing times and optimizes the workflow. It eliminates unnecessary phone calls with drivers about their whereabouts. Thus, it provides significant savings in labor.

Vehicle Tracking saves fuel. By preventing non-business use of vehicles; It controls unnecessary running, unnecessary acceleration, deceleration, skidding and speeding. Thus, it saves a great deal of fuel.

Vehicle Tracking minimizes vehicle maintenance and usage costs. In addition to preventing unnecessary extra driving due to misuse of vehicles and unintended trips; It also monitors the maintenance, service and repair activities of vehicles with special software. Thus, it provides savings in maintenance and usage costs by extending the wear time of the vehicles.

Why ATC?

  • With the smiling customer, constant customer philosophy, ATC does not leave its customers alone after the sale.
  • With its human-oriented structure, ATC cannot distract its customers in 444 call centers.
  • Thanks to its quality-oriented approach, ATC uses automotive standards in its products.
  • Thanks to the belief in common sense, ATC can easily and easily integrate any request from its customers into the system.
  • With its wide horizon, ATC brings the innovations in foreign and domestic markets to its customers in the fastest way.
  • With the motto of time is money, ATC provides the fastest solutions and the fastest service to its customers.
  • With its belief in family, ATC enables ATC customers to meet their other needs in the most appropriate way with the networks it creates within its customers.
  • With its simplicity point of view, ATC provides its customers with the information they want in the shortest and easiest way so that they save not only their personnel and vehicles but also time.
  • Thanks to domestic capital and belief in reason, ATC is 100% domestic production.
  • Thanks to its belief in the principle of equality, ATC serves all small-medium-large enterprises with an affordable price policy, first saving and then trying to make a profit.

ATC Advantage

It monitors your vehicles on the instant and historical map, and can display speed and time information in writing. Displays vehicles collectively, individually or in groups, can be viewed from the selected 2nd map. Special locations for you on digital maps show your operation, the departure, arrival and stay times of the vehicles, and notify the waiting period exceeding.

It enables the tracking of alarms such as pause, movement, speed in programs, reports, SMS or e-mail without requiring intervention to the vehicles. Insurance, inspection etc. of your vehicles. Notifies last term end reminders.